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Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Tomar - Double Head Dwarf connected to the SE8C's...

So over the last couple of afternoons and evenings I have been playing around with JMRI and installing the Tomar - Double Head Dwarfs onto the layout and getting them connected to the Digitrax SE8C's and programming them into JMRI too.

First step was to mount the Digitrax TSMK under the layout and connect the double head dwarf wires and ribbon cable.

Next step involved programming the individual heads of each dwarf signal into JMRI.  So for the double head dwarf this means adding the the two heads individually for each mast, and each head requires two turnout positions from the SE8C boards.  So one double head dwarf requires four (4) turnout positions (not a physical turnout) from each SE8C board.

Once the heads have been added these can then be added to make a mast (JMRI term for the double head dwarf) and then JMRI can go about its thing and change the appearance of each aspect.

Presently I'm using the pre-loaded JMRI AAR-2 Signal aspect table as it's fairly close to the Conrail Signal Aspect Chart - 1988 that I eventually want to add to JMRI.

I've also made a short clip to show the different aspects loaded in JMRI and running through the double head dwarf.

I also managed to connect a single dwarf too, now the Reading area of the layout has its dispatcher controlled signals installed.


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