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Favourite Photos...
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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Work continues on the Interchange - Classification Yard...

So last night I began work on the yard lead to the Classification area for the Interchange.

Firstly I had a great win with the crossing at York Haven where the Chessie System and D&H crossover the RDG/CR main.  The old crossing was an Atlas crossing that had lots of plastic within the diamond section that caused a lot of stalling and bumpy crossings.

So whilst out picking up some more flextrack & turnouts for the classification yard I spotted a PECO Code 75 crossing diamond that just might work.

You can see the old alignment of the sub roadbed, the new angle makes the approach to the classification yard flow much better.

Below is the PECO #7 Curved turnout that leads into the classification yard lead (left diverging route) and it flows much better than the previous version that can be seen in the previous post.

The bare plaster area will be the interlocking tower for the Interchange - Classification Yard along with a small parking lot.  As mentioned above the yard lead flows much better into the Classification Yard now.

Next step will be to connect the yard lead to the arrival track, continue on the track work from the #5 RH turnout to form the runaround/caboose siding.


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