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Favourite Photos...
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Friday, 13 November 2015

Last section of Bench Work for the JL&T...

So for a little change of pace and to have a quick break from wiring and signaling installs I decided to make a start on the extension to the Harrisburg Yard & the Crew Lounge Kitchenette.

This area actually forms the new entry to the entire layout, it is the new crew lounge area and also the main staging yard.  The opening to the new extension of the layout shed has a small roller door for the opening which is about 8' (2.5m) in width.

The opening is great for moving large items in and out, but I'm now at the stage that this doesn't need to occur anymore.  The other issue is that it allows the dust and dirt in, and hot air during summer and cold during winter.

So yesterday I started by framing up the new wall and small nib wall.  The kitchenette will sit behind this wall and will have a small bar fridge, microwave, coffee machine and storage for everything required to keep operators and guests happy.

The section extending from the left to the right will be the addition to Harrisburg Yard, I will be adding a internal corner piece on the right to allow for the curved yard to extend another 4' (1.2m).

Today I finished up the entrance wall and wrapped it ready for cladding, the cladding will be 5/16" (8mm) MDF board.  This will stop the elements and hopefully most of the dust and dirt from getting in as well as adding to the security of the layout.  

In the shot below you can see the extra storage space we have above the crew lounge area.

The photo below is looking back towards the shed opening from the original/main layout room.  The space will hold a couple of operators for the Harrisburg Yard, and another two operators waiting to be called from the crew lounge.

As a value add for the layout I've recently had the security system upgraded and also had smoke detectors added to it too.  In the next stage this will have a 4G auto dialler added so that I can be alerted anywhere.

The new opening into the main entrance/crew lounge will also be getting a very special makeover that is purely inline with our layout and one of it's fallen railroads too...  More on that soon.

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