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Favourite Photos...
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Monday, 30 November 2015

This is what 4.5 hours of wiring looks like...

Today I continued on with installing the push buttons for the Tortoise Motors on the Fascia Control Panels along with a few more power feeds to some of the Tortoise Motors that needed to be rewired from other SE8C's.

One of the things I need to accomplish is wiring that is tucked away and not hanging down underneath the layout benchwork, as the area is going to be used as storage I don't want anything catching and breaking delicate detection and signaling wires.

The below photo shows the "York" - Fascia Panel with the push buttons installed, with the exception of two push buttons (located on the panel to the right) all the wiring in the shot is associated with the Digitrax SE8C on the right.

The area directly above the SE8C has no less five (5) crossovers, these can be seen by the small black cable ties denoting twin pairs of Tortie connected to a common turnout position in the SE8C.

So the moral of the story is, if you don't like wiring don't install detection, signaling or Tortoise Motors...



  1. Curious about insetting your control panel. Seems it would require near eye level fascia for the labels to be read. Can you read them while standing at the layout or do you have to step back? I struggled with the same visibility issue on my 53" height fascia. Concluded that I need to tilt in the top of the panels about 15 degrees for easy viewing without stepping back away from the layout. Your panels look very sharp BTW.

  2. Hey Alan, all but two of them can be read at the current height. And the two that can't are only a very small portion maybe 1/2" (15mm) that can't be seen looking directly at it. All that is require is a short squat down to see it, and that at my height off 6' 2" too.
    Thanks for the comments on the panels, took a few versions to get the design to a point that I was happy with it.


  3. Very clean wiring! What are you using for frog power?

    1. Thanks Karl for the comments, I use PECO Code83 - Insulfrog Turnouts across the layout so the frogs are unpowered. Jas...