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Favourite Photos...
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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Programming more signals today...

Well today started out a little interestingly, after our inaugural ops session the other night we noticed a small glitch occurring on one of the BDL's.  It was showing a phantom sense on several of the blocks.

After a fair bit of investigation I narrowed it down to the last block feed either getting some form of inductance from other feeds nearby and/or the BDL's being set to a High Threshold Sense mode.

The LocoNet is now stable again and performing as it should, hopefully no more issues.

After this it was time to install a few more signals onto the Centre Peninsula.  It's quite a process to put one double head mast onto the Panel:

Create a Signal Head (or two for dual head masts) which involves entering for SE8C addresses for head (so thats eight addresses for a two head mast).

Create a Mast using the Signal Heads.  This involves adding the two heads to the one mast, then setting the signal rules from JMRI.

Then we create the mast for the Panel Pro Panel and add it in edit mode.

These are the screens required to input the heads, masts and finished signals onto the panel and control the layout...

The process looks complicated but once shown, and when you have added a few JMRI really does make it quite easy to add them.


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