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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Under Layout Lighting...

So last night I decided to spend an hour two building the housing for our under layout lighting.

Because the underneath portion of the layout will be used for storage and eventually some staging I wanted to install some LED's under it so that as I'm wiring and installing the signals & detections its already in and running.

My folks got me a 75W transformer and two 5 metre (16.5') strings of LED's.  Because the transformer has screw connections on the 240V active that could be touched I wanted to place it in an enclosure.

The case is a plastic electronics case from Jaycar, it hold the transformer with enough room to get the wiring in and allow for ventilation around the edges.

The case has a sealed lid but I actually cut out the opening to the same dimensions as the transformer making sure the wiring connections were covered.

Quick test to ensure everything is wired correctly and working...  These LED's are very bright.

Case lid cut out and installed and ready to be placed under the layout...



  1. You may want to double check the fine print in the documentation that came with the power supply. Many, if not all, recommend de-rating the output current when a fan-less unit is mounted in any position other than horizontal in free air. I have two fan-less switching supplies from different manufacturers. Both have 50% de-rating specified in their paperwork. Adding a fan allows full rated output in non-horizontal or non-free air mountings. My installation here: http://www.lkorailroad.com/powering-the-lko-part-i/

  2. Thanks for the heads up Alan, unfortunately no documents with it or in it. It's does come with an output power adjustment though so will see if I can see what it's set at.
    I'm sure a small 12V PC case fan wouldn't hurt though. 😉