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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Harrisburg West - Signal Bridge...

Yesterday was again another day of wiring up trip-coloured LED's and constructing the bracket masts for the Harrisburg - West signal bridge.

This signal bridge sits on the outbound sound of Harrisburg heading towards Lebanon.  It protects the interlocking section for westbound trains into Lebanon on the main, and also westbound trains from Track 2 in Harrisburg as it re-enters the main just before Lebanon.

It has a three (3) head mast to protect the westbound main, and a two (2) head mast to protect the westbound passing siding (Track 2).

This signal bridge is the first one to completely use the IHC plastic kit heads & bridge.

Below was the last mast that needed to go on the signal bridge.  I know have the process down to produce a mast with multiple heads, the IHC plastic kit has worked out to be a great asset.

The below photo shows both mast attached to the signal bridge.  The triple head has had the wiring run through the conduit and fed down through the frame work ready to be wired up under the layout.  The two head mast is still waiting for all the wiring to be run through the bridge frame work.

Close up shot below of the two head mast.

More after I have finished off the wiring and installed onto the layout & programmed.



  1. Jason,
    Hi- my Blog can be found at this Link:
    Good work on the Signals. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Thanks Kev, I'll be following along with your blog too. Jas.

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    1. Thanks Rod, making some progress now. Very nice work yourself on the roundhouse too! Jas...