Favourite Photos...

Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Saturday 17 December 2016

Harrisburg West - Interlocking...

Over the last two days I have been working on completing the Harrisburg West - Interlocking  Signal Bridge and dwarf signals.

This set protects all the westbound traffic from Harrisburg into Lebanon.  The triple head mast protects the main (Track 1) and the double head mast protects the passing siding (Track 2) located on the signal bridge.

The double head dwarf protects the Industrial Track (Track 3) & the single head dwarf protects the other Industrial Track (Track 4).  I could have added more masts to the bridge but to be honest they get overly crowded with wires when there is anymore than two.

Again extremely impressed with he colours of the RR-CirKits Tri-Coloured LED's...

Next phase will be to finish the next interlocking a Lebanon and begin to program in the logic into JMRI.

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  1. Jason-
    A very productive run up to Christmas- looking great! Regards. KEV.