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Favourite Photos...
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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

More Conversions to ESU LokSound - Select Direct's...

Over the past couple of days I have been converting three of my locomotives/switcher over to ESU's LokSound - Select Direct decoders.

The installs have been fairly straight forward apart from one of my Athearn RTR RDG GP35's which required a donor chassis, motor and trucks from an existing CR GP35.  There was a gear or truck binding issue coupled with a noisy motor than actually competed with the sound decoder.

Thankfully the transplant was a success.  I know have two RDG GP35's on the layout fully fitted out with the Select Directs coupled with ESU Sugar Cube speaker.

The next recipient for the Select Direct decoder is a Atlas Gold/Master Series RDG MP15DC # 2772.  This was originally fitted with a QSI Sound Decoder and was giving me nothing but trouble, had issues consisting it, locked up and the stupid magnetic wand wouldn't reset it...  Perfect candidate for an upgrade!

The installation was pretty straight forward, the Select Direct mother board fitted perfectly onto the Atlas tabs, the wiring was a fairly easy hook up and the only alterations required was the removal of the Atlas 16 ohm speaker and the plastic housing and the addition of the wiring for the cab headlight.

After I had finished with the MP15DC today I had to of course try out the Full Throttle features.  These are such a versatile and pleasurable experience to operate with, the decoders and sound are in my opinion the best on the market to date, and offer the most realistic prototypical operations by far!

I am using WiThrottle coupled with JMRI to operate all of my locomotives and the ability to swipe left to access all of the functions buttons is such a valuable ability when using Full Throttle.  
This also coupled with the ability to see the throttle position and if the F9 (Drive Hold function button) is something that my NCE throttle just doesn't have the capability to do.

I can see a lot more switching operations occurring, whilst getting used these decoders features in the future...


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