Favourite Photos...

Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Sunday 18 June 2017

Hershey Chocolate Factory - New Trackplan..

Hi guys,
Quick update…
I’ve been trying to get the Hershey Chocolate Factory onto the layout.  To do it justice I needed a fairly big area and one area that I hadn’t been happy with for some time may have just solved the problem.  
It’s the section that is on the far west wall of the main layout and the plant will take up this whole area...

It’s not strictly prototypical but its damn close and will be a major scratch build to pull it off.  The best bit is it fits perfectly into the Reading era and works quite well with the layouts switching theme that I'm currently developing. 

I've opened up some of the distances between the buildings of the plant to allow for reach in to uncouple or re-rail rolling stock.  This will still have to be proven once mocked up.
I found on the old inter-webs a photo of the prototype for reference too.  This one however is fairly modern as all the rail served sidings are removed.  I will be likely using the one above for track work reference.



  1. That should be an impressive structure!

    1. Hopefully Karl, will take some time to build it as it will have to be mostly scratch built.