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Favourite Photos...
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Friday, 2 June 2017

Completed LokSound Conversion on a Athearn RDG RS3...

Yesterday I finally completed the conversion of my Athearn RDG RS3.  This was to date the most challenging of the decoder installs I have done myself.

There is minimal room underneath these shells and even with the LokSound - Select Micro there was barely enough room to get everything in.

First step was to strip everything down and begin wiring in the Select Micro.

Next step was to get all the wiring in and secured using Kapton tape and make sure that the decoder was mounted properly.

There was just enough room to also get the ESU (50321) cube speaker in bunched up with all the wiring.  I think if needed I get a power capacitor in but then that would be it...

And to finish off a small video showing the start up of the clunky old ALCO V12 and the manual notching of the Full Throttle features in the decoder.


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