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Middletown, Pa

Friday 23 June 2017

New Track Work for the Hershey Plant...

Today I spent the day installing the new track work around the south side of the new Hershey Plant.

When I designed the track work for the plant I had an added benefit that it made both the south & north sides of the layout in this area flow a lot smoother and also added another passing siding and storage track.

Below is the old trackplan of the left and the new on the right.  With the series of three #7 curved turnouts on the south & north of the Hershey main I have the ability to have trains cross from several locations which allows for more passing manoeuvres on either the main or the eastern Hershey storage track.


The track work through the whole south side now flows a lot better too, clearances have been improved and I have also a #8 right hand crossover before the track goes through the backdrop.

The curved turnouts (which are all PECO #7) that are in series together will all be interlocked, Ive also wired each turnout with power for detection too.

The series of three curved turnouts to the south of the Hershey Plant allow for the main from the centre peninsula, the rear wall (left of the backdrop) and to the north to all be interconnected.  This one change will greatly increase the flexibility of operations on the layout.

Once the track work to the north is also altered it will be onto wiring in all the blocks and installing the Tortoise motors.



  1. I'm impressed by all the trackwork - but I shudder at what you must be spending on all these turnouts!

    1. It's all proportional EK, there is a cost, but. It keeps my mind occupied, helps me switch off and relax, and I enjoy it. Plus there are worse things I could be doing with the money. :P