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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Rutherford Yard Extension...

So the next stage of the layout build is to start the extension and finish off the track work for Rutherford yard.  The yard currently has the north & south yard leads in and the beginning of the yard tracks.  

I've decided to complete this at this stage as we have also begun the first stages of designing the operating scheme for the layout, without the yard this would be very difficult to check train lengths and holding capacities.

The south tracks feed out into Rutherford & Manheim & North tracks lead out to Shippensburg & York.

In order to maximise the space available I decided to do a plan in AnyRail to see what we could get to work.

The above plan shows Rutherford in the grand scheme of the layout and how it feeds out onto the layout.

The plan for the yard below is the first draft and may be changed once I get the track onto the physical bench work, and after its first operating session. 

(the above & below plans is updated as of 9/1/16)

By running the yard tracks around the corner I've actually extended most by anywhere between 4' - 8' in length from the original design.  I've also managed to get another industry into the end section, this will be a wood chip mill providing wood chips to the York - Pulp & Paper Mill.

Although the yard is not perfect and it actually finishes at the north end, it should sustain two operators for some hours switching and classifying rolling stock into locals, blocking outbound unit, freight & extra trains to be ran across the layout to the other staging yard (yet to be built) and loading the wood chip mill.

Hopefully over the next few days we can get the remainder of track work in.


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