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Sunday, 17 January 2016

A few alterations to the track plan...

After last Tuesday nights Ops session Brendan and I were talking about a few little addition to the new Rutherford Yard area that would make it operate easier and add to the operations side of the layout.

So over the last few days I have been playing around with the configuration of the track on the Rutherford Yard leads and made a few little additions, some more permanent additions and added some more structures.

Below is the new version of the track plan in full:

This plan has been updated (30/01/16) to included two PECO Code 75 - Double Slip Switches, these and a few alterations to the track arrangement in the yard/switch leads will make the operations of the yard a lot more efficient.

The biggest additions to the track work are an extra spur/yard lead that now comes off the northern tracks of Rutherford Yard and heads over the Susquehanna River into the engine service facility.

It adds an additional bridge crossing over the river and will see the existing lift out bridge removed and changed to permanent benchwork with the bridges and track realigned and redone too.

Below is a close up view of the area with the additional yard lead, bridge and river crossing and connection into the service facility.

Again this plan is a blown up section of the new plan above...

The addition of the yard lead which also enters the service facility ends up adding some improved ops capability by allowing locomotives to offload their cars into the yard then shoot out one the lead into the facility for refuelling, sanding and/or maintenance.

It will also allow the yard switchers to use it for storing a cut of cars or blocking duties with fouling the northern main anymore.

In all relatively small change but with some great value add options to the overall layout operating scheme.

And lastly I have also made a small alteration to the York - Pulp & Paper Mill with the addition of a wood chip unloading spur to the south of the pulp wood sidings.


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