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Favourite Photos...
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Saturday, 30 January 2016

New Rutherford Yard Design & Altered Track...

Inline with the updated post below with the altered track plan, here a few photos of the new track work install.

I have installed one of the new PECO Code 75 - Double Slip Switches in the yard leads (north & south) that will allow both the southern & northern classification tracks to use the new switch lead (orange track).

The below plan shows the tracks and use (colour coded) along with some measurements of each...

The track work being altered and installed, this is the northern yard lead (right side) and the new switch lead to the left (coming off the dbl slip).  The double slip allows for either of the three northern classification tracks to be switched onto the switch lead.

The north switch lead is 4.4 metres (14.4') long and is as long as any of the classification tracks.

The second double slip switch allows movement between both the northern & southern arrival/departure tracks and classification tracks, and shortens the existing crossovers that were installed by half.

By installing the double slips within the classification area of the yard we have also lengthened some of the classification tracks with the removal of excess crossovers too.

Next stage is to wait for one more double slip to arrive and install the remaining track, wire up and test out ready for another ops session.

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