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Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Thursday, 23 March 2017

G Type/Tri-Light Signal Heads...

With the signal installation moving along nicely I needed to try out a different type of signal head.  When I decided to install signals on the layout I wanted to use those that would have been found typically on the Reading.

Two of these were the searchlight and the G Type/Tri-Light heads.  I have already installed the searchlights heads using the RR CirKits LED's but needed a solution for the G Types.

I have previously used the Tomar masts but like bi-colour LED's wasn't at all happy with the red, green & yellow used in them.  So after searching around for sometime I came across a 1.5mm butterfly/axial LED that not only fitted in the Tomar brass g-type heads but also the plastic IHC ones too.

I started out by making a small jig that allowed me to solder the common anode leads and feed wire together.

This jig made the process go fairly quickly, in fact it has been easier wiring up the G Type heads over the searchlight heads.

Once the wiring was completed it was onto securing the LED's to the plastic IHC head with a little CA.  I also tested each LED before gluing the head to the signal bridge mast.

Next stage was to glue all three G Type heads to the signal bridge mast, and again test the LED's.

Once the glue had set over night it was onto gluing the mast to the bridge and then feeding the wires through the bridge conduit.

Once the wiring is routed through the conduit and secured to the mast you can barely pick up the wires from front on, and once painted it will be quite hard to pick up any at all.

Next stage is to install one more double head mast and this bridge is ready to be installed onto the layout and programmed.

So far I'm very happy with the way that the G Type heads have worked out, and again using the plastic IHC signal kits.


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  1. Can you say where you got your LEDs, and what part numbers you ordered? I think you got the colors just right!