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Favourite Photos...
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Monday, 27 March 2017

Rutherford West - Interlocking Signal Bridge completed...

Today I completed another signal bridge on the layout, this brings the total to four.

The Rutherford West - Interlocking Signal Bridge is the boundary between Hershey & Rutherford.  The aspects shown below are "Medium Clear" (left mast) & "Approach Medium" (right mast).

The signal bridge protects the North bound mains to both Harrisburg & Carlisle Junction, it also protects the yard lead into Rutherford Yard - South.

The Harrisburg main is protected by the triple head mast on the left.  The triple head signal mast allows for a "Slow Clear" aspect as the main can be diverted into the south bound passing siding through the Harrisburg Industrial area.

The Carlisle Junction main and the Rutherford Yard - South Yard Lead are protected by the double head signal mast on the right.  There is no requirement for a triple head on this side as I do not need a slow clear, the main aspect into the Yard Lead will be a "Restricting" aspect.

The process to add the G-Type heads using the IHC plastic kits has been fairly easy and quick to install.  The small 1.5mm butterfly/axial LED's go together quite quickly too.  The colours on the green & yellow are not as good as the RR CirKits's but they are much better than Tomar ones.

Next step is to install a pair of G-Type standalone masts on the westbound end of Hershey, and a double head dwarf protecting the crossover from Hershey into Rutherford (to the left of the last photo).


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