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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Signal Bridge Construction Continues...

Now that the layout wiring has been upgraded and the PSX's installed to protect each power district it was time to again to continue on with the installation of another signal bridge.

The next signal bridge is located at Lebanon protecting the interlocking into Harrisburg heading eastbound.

This bridge was originally going to have three (3) masts but I decided to remove the westbound main triple head as it was not required.  So now it is a triple head for the main heading eastbound, and a double head for track 2 also heading eastbound.

The above photo is the new location, you can see the existing (temporary) G Type double head that was installed for the main.   Once I had built the bridge I placed it to test the bridge masts alignment with the right rail head before wiring.

The next stage was like the other two previously, wire up the RRCirKits Tri-Coloured LED's and place into the aspect heads.  The route the wires through the signal bridge frame and cable conduits.

The wiring routed through the signal bridge frame, attached to the masts using Kynar Wrapping Wire and fed through the 4mm cable conduit.

The cable conduits have a small piece of 1mm heat shrink tube between them the cable can be fed through the framework at the ends of the bridges.

And finished ready to be installed onto the layout and wired and programmed into PanelPro via JMRI...

Clear on the main, Restricting on Track 2...



  1. You have signal bridge assembly down to a science! Nice looking signals Jas.

    1. Thanks Alan, getting easier and quicker now too.