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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

More Helix Loops & Track Laying...

Today was another day of cutting out helix sections and laying track.  The process is going fairly well, the time consuming part is laying the track and aligning it with the gauge to match the radius.

The RibbonRail radius gauge makes it easy to maintain the correct 28" radius, I'm also using it as a spacer for the stitching screws.

The addition of each helix sections goes quickly, and using the stitching plates to secure the sections is an easy method to secure them.  At the end of today I have managed to get two full loops completed.

I also collected today the materials for the helix supports.  The method I'm using is 3/8" All-thread placed through each deck and secured with washers & nuts.  This method allows the grade to be set by adjusting the location of the washer & nut along the all-thread. 

Hopefully tomorrow I will have the remaining sections of the helix with track work completed and ready for the grade to be set.



  1. There are many tales of people spending an enormous amount of time setting all the nut heights. Thinking you could use two properly sized blocks of wood and clamps to set the deck heights once you get the first loop incline set to your satisfaction. Work the two blocks around and up the helix setting nut positions. I suspect the clamps will be needed to make it a one person job on account of the floppiness of the helix loops. Just a thought.

    1. That's not a bad idea Alan, I was going to use just four sets of supports to begin with. I'll have the helix drilled out for eight sets, but will add the remaining sets once I have the ruling grade set with four.

      I think your block guides will work well to get it started... Jas.