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Friday, 6 July 2018

Programming of the last Signal Mast Logic...

School Holiday's currently here, so limited layout time.  Being Winter too doesn't make the layout a warm place to be in.
But it does allow me to get the remaining Signal Mast Logic (SML) programmed into JMRI & PanelPro.

The brilliant part about the JMRI and having the layout running on a laptop is that I can do all the programming whilst running the LocoNet Simulator to check the logic.

The last remaining SML is associated with the last few dwarf signals are installed.  Be under no allusion if you plan on having signals & detection on your layout the programming of signal heads, signal masts, blocks, turnouts & SML is just as big of an undertaking as what it is to install them too.


And the trick is to document everything as you go, I cannot overstate this enough...

Hopefully within the next month I will have all of the logic programmed and the layout will be ready for operating sessions via dispatcher to see if any changes are needed.



  1. Hello, I would like to hear more about your signaling. Would you be interested in doing a live chat ?

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Diehard, sorry I missed both of your posts. If your on MRH my three part series on the signal install has started in this months online magazine.
      I haven’t really got a lot of time for live chatting at the moment between family & work.
      Happy to answer questions via the blog or email if you have them...? Jas.