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Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Friday, 23 November 2018


Four years ago today I began the installation of the detection & signalling system after I decided that I wanted to see a fully functioning signal system on my layout.

Today I wired up the last dwarf signal, and completed the entire installation!

It has involved a complete re-wire of the layout DCC system, the installation of digital power management, the standalone LocoNet, eight (8) Digitrax SE8C's, four (4) Digitrax BDL168's, one (1) Digitrax DS64, hundreds of metres/feet of both copper wire, CAT6, and 10 pair ribbon cable and 87 LED's...

Twin 23" monitors for the Panel, a year of programming signal logic into JMRI/Panel Pro...

Hours, days, months and probably a full year, have been spent underneath the layout wiring it all in, connecting multiple wires to terminal blocks, labelling wires, soldering, feeding, and clipping wires.

I have had tremendous help from three great friends who have come along for the journey, and without the help from them, this day wouldn't have arrived!

So to:

Brendan Dennis, Noel Purdy & Dennis Hare.

Thank you for offering your time so freely and for all your expert help along the way!  
To the others in our operating group that have helped with the ops sessions to test everything out, and for your advice, than you too!

Below is a photo display of all the dwarfs, masts and signal bridges that are now installed and fully operational on the layout...

For now, that concludes anymore signal installs unless there is a need when we start operating.  I can now move onto getting the staging deck installed so that I can begin operating sessions.  The only thing required to do is to install detection on the staging deck when it is completed.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along, made comments, offered help, and supported me during the install.  Stay tuned for a lot more existing stuff soon...!



  1. Quite an achievement. Congratulations Jas.

  2. Thanks Alan, and thanks for your support! Finally got there...!