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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Staging Deck - Yard Lead...

A suggestion was made to try a modified - pin wheel yard lead for the staging yard.  My original plan was to use the standard yard lead to allow for expansion for a caboose track and locomotive storage.

After some consideration I thought I would try the pin wheel design in AnyRail:

Once it looked like it would work in AnyRail I decided to use some PECO - Track Templates to test out the pin-wheel design on the staging deck.

I first had to add another section of plywood and connect it to the helix.

Next I cut out the track templates and checked the alignment from the connection with the helix to the staging deck.

The modified pin wheel design will give me an extra 4' (1200mm) of staging tracks and works really well.  It will also assist in being able to see the fronts of trains when they are staged.  This staging yard lead is going to be adopted and installed shortly.



  1. Why stop there? Pinwheel on the other end of the yard too.

    1. I actually tried it in AnyRail and it wouldn't work on that end. Plus I already purchased the turnouts for that section. Jas...