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Favourite Photos...
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Friday, 8 February 2019

Track laying begins on the Staging Deck...

Today was the first day I was able to make a proper start on the Staging Deck.

I received all of the hardware this week including the new NCE PB5 DCC - Booster, another Digitrax BDL168, PSX - Circuit Breaker, PSX-AR Auto Reverser, Digitrax DS64's, more Tortoise motors & MP5's.

First task was to install some extra lighting for the main section of staging deck.

Next stage was to install the Atlas - Rerailers at the start of each of the six staging tracks.

I then installed the sections of Peco - Code 100 flextrack inbetween the rerailers and the turnouts.

At the end of day one I've completed the yard ladder, rerailers and the first sections of the staging tracks and inbound/outbound track.

More soon...

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