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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Return Loop - Benchwork...

Today was spent getting the return - loop benchwork installed.  The loops are basically a single deck helix that are 5 5/16" (135mm) wide allowing for two tracks.

The plywood sub-roadbed is the same that I used for the layout helix and the staging deck sub-roadbed, it is 5 ply, 15/32" (12mm).

The first step was to align the curved section of track into the first curve of the return loop.

Once this was installed and the transition pice installed I was able to move onto adding the remaining sections of the return loop plywood.

The joins between section were secured using perforated sticking plate and stiching screws.  This was the same method I used on the helix.

Once I had the two full sections installed I moved onto installing the straight transition section from the last return loop curve back onto the plywood staging deck, this required a hole to be cut through the backboard.

Tomorrow I'll finish off the remaining braces that need to be installed, and secure the return-loop plywood curves down to the braces and install the track.



  1. Your wiring is usually so neat and tidy. What happened in picture #3?

  2. Had to make a few adjustments in that area, and just haven’t got around to fixing that bit up...

    And it was towards the end of the wiring install, so just wanted to be done with it too... :P