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Favourite Photos...
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Thursday, 12 March 2015

More turnout wiring...

Over the last day and two night I have continued with the installation of the wiring to connect the Tortoise Switch Machines to the Digitrax SE8C's.

The cat6 cable has made things a lot easier to install the fact that is four pair matchers up with a series of four turnouts (you can connect eight (8) to a SE8c board.

I usually cut a length of cat6 to the longest required run, then if needed peel it back to other that are closer to the board.

The small plastic electrical cables make it easy to keep the wiring neat and in place, at certain spots I add a cable tie to ensure everything remains in place.

So here is another board completed, next step is to make up the LocoNet cable and connect to the existing SE8C and program it into JMRI & the tables.


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