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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Dispatcher Area & Work Bench Nook - Update...

More progress today on the Dispatcher Desk & Work Bench Nook.  I installed all the bench frames for both sides, the dispatcher desk is 1400mm (4' - 7 1/8") x 400mm (1' - 3 3/4") and is on the left hand side.  This will have the two screens for the JMRI - PanelPro CTC Panel, keyboard & mouse, and whatever communication system I install for the layout.
The Work Bench wraps around in an L shape from the right hand side and back across the middle.  The right section will be for everything to do with building, assembly, maintenance, soldering, etc.  It's 1400mm (4' - 7 1/8") x 500mm (1' - 7 11/16") and will also have a MDF top.  The middle section will be for painting, weathering & detailing (I'm purchasing a mobile spray booth at a later date) this section will have a further 3mm sheet of MDF or Cork over the bench top so that when it is completely shot, and covered with  paint it can be replaced.
The bench height is set so that the roller chair can be spun to either side without hitting knees or legs on any of the frame, there is enough room to have two chairs in the space (although tight) or one person on the dispatch deck and one operating the Diesel Service Facility above.  The chair can also be rolled out into the crew lounge area so that operators can get straight out of the chair clear of the nook.
I can see myself spending quite a lot of time in here, it's quite cosy and will be a good place to work on locomotives & rolling stock when I begin weathering.
This wall will be for all of my storage bins, parts pins, tool racks, etc.  I've amassed a fair amount of cheap storage units that will no doubt be filled in the years to come.  I will be installing two quad power points (receptacles) along the wall for tools like Dremels, Soldering Stations, iPhone Chargers (music), and will also have some form of adjustable lighting as well.
In all I'm really happy with the way the "nook" has turned out, it's amazing what you can think of that needs to go into a well functioning work space, and then to throw in a dispatch area as well takes a bit of thought and planning to pull it off.
Next stage is to finish off the dispatch & work area bench tops.  These will be coated with a water based clear sealer to protect the MDF, more soon.

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  1. Hi Jason
    Looking good. Have you thought about having the dispatchers keyboard on a slide away table under the bench top. It is not in use when dispatching only programming etc.