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Favourite Photos...
Reading Lines GP35 #3647

Middletown, Pa

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Workbench Nook Update...

Yesterday i managed to finish off installing the bench tops for the workbench nook & dispatcher area.  The bench tops are 18mm MDF that has been coated with satin finish Cabothane.  This will help protect the tops from moisture and spills.

I also installed the storage bins that I picked up about a year ago, these are in addition to the existing units I already had.  Due to expansion and the extra storage space on the wall I'm now able to add them.

The dispatch area is ready for the twin monitor bracket (yet to purchase) and the keyboard & mouse for the JMRI PC.  I'll be using a wireless pair to save having to route wires back through the benchwork or walls.

The small piece of MDF (which is also coated in cabothane front & back) is installed over the bench work and will be used for when I need to either paint, airbrush, or weather locomotives, rolling stock & buildings.  I have a self healing mat on top of this as well, I will eventually be getting a portable spray booth for this area.

Next stage will be to install the remaining storage bins (existing) and begin placement of the dispatcher gear including the PC and twin monitors.


And at the end of yesterday this is what we finished with, just about all of the storage in place and filled again.  More room, better layer out, more bench space & a dispatcher area too.

More soon,


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