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Favourite Photos...
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Middletown, Pa

Saturday 11 October 2014

Dispatcher Area & Work Bench Nook...

As part of the expansion of the layout into the new area I have decided to move the current workbench area into the new extension.  Along with this, the future dispatcher desk will also be incorporated into it.

The current location in behind the centre peninsula, and with the operating area of the L&T Branch is just a little tight.  The new area although small is serving a dual purpose and will work a lot better than the previous one, the ability to have separate dispatcher desk, work bench & spraying/building area will be a great little addition.

I've decided to add a small computer alcove to the dispatch area, behind the wall is a void underneath the return blob/paper mill area.  This will provided really good access to all the electrical components & hardware for the layout.
I will install a hinged panel and attach the main layout power distribution system to it, and also have the DCC Command Station within the computer alcove too.

The first stage of the nook is to add the back board which is 12mm MDF, and is for the dispatcher wall.  This will have the twin screens for the JMRI Panel on it as well as other information for the layout for the dispatcher to control.  Directly underneath the back board will be the dispatcher desk.

The next stage is to install some electrical points and then continue on with the back boards.


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